Friday, May 1, 2015

Jose Garcia and #realmensupportwomen

Jose Garcia is a 15-year-old who encourages his fellow dude friends to bring pads and tampons to school just in case a girl friend gets an unexpected period and doesn't have her own stash on hand. On Garcia's Instagram, he posted this picture (below) and said, "You are completely welcome to ask me  for a pad at any time without recieving a negative response or a dirty look. We should all help each other out like this so you don't have to thank me at all."

You can read more over at The Daily Dot because they pretty much said everything. I just really love this and wanted to post my support and adoration.

How many 15-year-old guys do you know who have empathy like this for their female classmates? Sure, your husband, dad, or brother might pick up pads or tampons from the store for you, but Garcia offers this to all the young women at his school. Mind blown. Not only that, but he's encouraging other men to follow suit with his hashtag #realmensupportwomen.

He's getting some flack on there with comments like, "If you need a man to give you a pad, you're not a strong independent woman." Or, "Real men don't tell other men how to be real men."

Um. I'm all for woman power, but there's nothing wrong with asking a guy for something, or a  guy offering help. Strong people don't let pride get in the way of something this cool. 

And, um. Garcia's not saying if you don't hand out pads you're not a real man. He's saying you should care about what women go through. (I think.) 

Don't beat the guy down. He's awesome!

Did you just hear that? That was the sound of a thousand teen women swooning. Stay sweet, Jose!

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