Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Clitoris" Is Not a Bad Word

I read a blog post about sex and marriage that came up on my Pinterest feed. In this post was the word "clitoris". What a gem, the clitoris. Except in the post, the word looked like this:


As if it's a naughty word. Hint: It's not!

Here's a friendly reminder to everyone that the female anatomy is not dirty. Or shameful. You don't need to bleep it out or use cutesy little nicknames or hide certain letters. Same with male anatomy, but people don't seem to be as freaked out about le peen*.

Because the words for female anatomy are just as worthy of being used properly as the elbow or the ear lobe, here's a video clip from Grey's Anatomy that I love way too much.

*Yes, I know I just used a cutesy nickname for the penis. Oops.

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