Friday, May 24, 2013


I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely readers of Period Fairy to my beautiful niece, Juliet! Juliet is almost three years old, loves Diego, and knows nothing about periods. Duh, she's three. Let it slide, guys. Thing is, she will know about periods one day. She'll learn wherever she looks, whether that is her parents, friends, favorite magazines and TV shows, school, or even her favorite aunt. My hope for Juliet and all future generations is that she will not only absorb what is taught on the subjects of periods and vaginal health, but that she will ask questions! That she will talk with her friends about it. This is why I'm with U by Kotex and Generation Know, breaking the cycle of awkward whispers and smuggled products into public restrooms. Let's be open about this now so that when Juliet hits The Age, it's not a weird shame thing. Periods are normal. For Juliet, let's start the change now.