Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get in the Know: Sharks Don't Care

Look, I tried for, like, an hour to make a video of me showing of my Generation Know bracelet! But...my internet is being slow, so the video was a no go. Here, instead, you have this fantastically blurry picture. The little charm on the bracelet says, "I know" in case you don't know how to read blur.

"I know" what? How much my internet connection doesn't care if I'm long overdue on making a post? Yes, but other things, too. Much cooler things, like...

I know...

You're not more likely to get mauled by a bear while on your period! Good news, especially for those of us who often kind ourselves in the company of bears.

You can't lose your virginity just by using a tampon. 

Guys can't tell when you're on your period! Unless you, say, cry over a plate of spaghetti and ask them if you look bloated and ugly today because it's, you know, that time of the month, and you feel really bloated and ugly.

You will not get attacked by a shark while on your period because sharks have better things to do. What that might be, I'm not entirely sure...

No one has ever gotten an STD/STI from a toilet seat.

You can totally get pregnant on your period!

Coffee can actually make your cramps worse during your period. Sad face. Not for me because I drink tea, but maybe sad face for you. 

Bananas will make you feel better while you're moping along during your period!

Spinach doesn't shorten your period. (I've never even heard that it could...) In fact, no food does. 

You can have sex on your period if you're into it. 

How do I know this stuff? Oh, no big deal, really, but maybe you've heard of Generation Know! You should have at least heard of it because I mentioned it at the start of this post, duh. Generation Know is...well, here. This video will explain it! 

You really should go check out their site! I mean it. Don't even finish reading this. Go! Go on, get. (I'm trying to White Fang you because it's in your best interest to check it out, and that's what true love is.) Plus, you can get a (free!) bracelet just like the one I have, minus the blur.  

One of my favorite features on the site is called Dear Little Sister. You might be able to guess what it is by the name, but on this part of their super fantastic site, you can write little notes to your "little sister" i.e. all the girls who haven't started their periods yet and might not know what to expect. This is especially cool because every time a note is written, UbyKotex donates $1 to Girls for a Change, a non profit that empowers girls to reach their full potential. How can you not want to write a note now? It's so easy! Dear Little Sister:

I got my period when I was twelve. I didn't talk to any of my friends about, which made it Weird. It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Talk about it!

Periods suck, but you will live.

Sometimes it feels like my uterus is trying to fall out of my Vagina.

Please don't cringe at the word "vagina". It's not a dirty, so don't treat it as such. 

Stuff like that. 

I encourage you all to be more open with one another about your periods and vaginas...vaginae? Is the plural of vagina really vaginae?? That's what my spell check tells me...Anyway.  Ask questions! Get in the know. Knowledge is power. 

Thank you for reading! And if you're still here, maybe I can White Fang you with this gem. (I tried to get the actual part where Schmidt White Fangs Cece, but this is all YouTube had. Someone get on that.)