Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perfect Bloody Timing

If ever there was an example of perfect timing, this is it: Sitting down on the loo to pee and then comes the period. Right at that moment.

It was the most perfect example of perfect timing in my life because for the past week I've had tiny hints of cramps, so I knew it was coming and I've been wearing pads in anticipation. (Better prepared than bloody, I always say.) And then I went to bed last night without first putting on a pad. I got all cozy in my blankies and thought, "Oh, crap." But I didn't care enough to get up. Tsk tsk.

So imagine my many thanks to God when I woke up and went to pee and there it was! When instead it could have come just ten minutes earlier, and that would have been bloody sad. Though I was wearing an old pair of knickers....

It's so convenient that the British use the word "bloody" all the time (or at least Ron Weasly, bless his cuteness, does) so I can make all the bloody puns I want for Period Fairy. Plus, then, it's perfectly normal of me to also use the words "loo" and "knickers", which I love.

Bloody hell! Don't mention me in a period blog!

Periods really do pull the world together. It's kind of like gravity. Right? Without periods, we'd all float off to space...

(I know I promised an embarrassing story of my first time using a tampon this week, but I had to tell you all about this. And you've waited this long, right? One more week won't kill you.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tampons vs Pads

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When I first started my period in seventh grade (read the full story here), I told my teacher because I didn't know what to do. Mrs. J took me to the bathroom and showed me this cabinet that contained pads and tampons. I remember she said something like, "There are pads in this drawer, and tampons in that one, but you won't want to use those." So I stuck with pads, plus it's what my mom used.

In eight grade, the topic of tampons and pads came up at my lunch table. One girl, we'll call her Anna, mentioned she used pads. Another girl, let's say Vicki, started making fun of pads and said they were for losers or were wimpy--something to that effect. Anna argued that she didn't want to "stick something up there", and then I'm sure the conversation veered off to sex. (It always did.) I just ate my food and wondered about the pad and tampon thing.

Here are the biggest reasons people hold a grudge against either:

1) Uncool, uncool, uncool.
2) Feel like giant, wet diapers.

1) Afraid it will hurt.
2) Think they won't be a virgin anymore if they use them.
3) Afraid of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

Wrong! On all accounts.
Wearing what is comfortable to you is never uncool.
It won't feel like a wet diaper if you change the pad often.
Tampons miiiight hurt a little sometimes* (ok), but not if you do it right. Helpful instructions come in the box.
You're a virgin until you have sex. Using a tampon is not having sex.
TSS is extremely rare, but does happen. Remember to take your tampon out every 6-8 hours. If you develope symptoms similar to the flu after having your tampon in for too long, seek immediate medical care. TSS can be fatal, but is easily treated if caught on time.

So. What do I prefer? Tampons!
Why? Well, it all actually started when I went to the movies once, on my period, put feet up over the back of the chair in front of me, and leaned back to enjoy the movie. When I went to the bathroom afterward, there was blood on my underwear. I had been wearing a pad, and the way I was sitting...caused a leak. This is also a common occurence while sleeping unless you wear an overnight pad.
No one gave me these fine print instructions--I learned them the hard way.

I was fed up with having to sit or lay a certain way during the day to avoid leaks, so I got curious about tampons. I found them to feel much cleaner and give me more freedom. What's the reason for your preference? Email me at jessie(dot)mullins5(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment below!

Next week I'll give you the embarrassing story of the first time I used a tampon.

Bear Grylls...I have_done_that_before.
  *If you take your tampon out too early, and it's still dry, it can cause discomfort. This happens to me all too often. The discomfort does go away. It might also hurt to put one in if you're doing it at the wrong angle. Read the instruction given in the box to learn the proper way to insert a tampon.