Saturday, May 28, 2016

GoPatch Menstrual Cramps Patch Review

I love love LOVE  natural, homeopathic remedies, so I was super excited when GoPatch asked me to try their homeopathic menstrual cramps patch in exchange for my honest review. 

Since I'm three months postpartum and haven't started my period yet (Yay, thanks, breastfeeding!), I asked my mom, Nikki, to try the GoPatch. We both have similar periods in that our cramps leave us debilitated, moaning on the couch. She was happy to try the product and sit down with me in my living room for a review/interview.

Period Fairy: How would you describe your usual menstrual pain?

Nikki: I get migraines, headaches,  nausea, bloating, cramps--front and back. My cramps last the whole time--anywhere from four days to a week.

PF: When you were approached about trying these patches, what were your initial thoughts?

Nikki: That hopefully it would help because it had to be better than what I normally use for the pain. And anything is worth trying once, so why not?

PF: What were your hopes?

Nikki: That the patch would take away the cramps and mood swings so I could be comfortable.

PF: Did you have any fears going in?

Nikki: That it wouldn't work and I'd  still have the awful cramps and headaches and everything else.

PF: Did you use any other pain relief while you used the patch?

Nikki: Nope.

PF: How did you feel about using natural pain relief instead of traditional, over-the-counter pain relief?

Nikki: I would rather do anything natural instead of over-the-counter medicine any day. I don't like taking pills, so taking a natural remedy was much better and healthier.

PF: Was the patch easy to use?

Nikki: I didn't use them on my belly button where the instructions said to use them because I have some stomach fat, and the location didn't work for me. The patch wouldn't stay in place there, so I put it as close as I could to my belly button. It probably would have worked better if I could have put it where they said.

PF: And how did the GoPatch menstrual cramp patch work for you?

Nikki: Friday, I had back cramps, and they were like 8 to 10 pain level, so I put on the patch as close as I could to my belly button. Within an hour, my cramps went from an 8 to a 5/6. So I thought that was pretty cool. And then within two hours, my cramps were down to a 2 pain level, which is really good because a normal period for me --I'm usually stuck in bed with a book, moaning and crying because I have such bad cramps I can't do anything. Within two hours of putting on the patch, I was outside, scraping my house, painting. That's how well it worked. I took the patch off at 10, and even after I took it off, I hardly had any cramps.

Saturday, I woke up--I had no cramps. So that was kind of weird because that's not a norm either. I put the patch on and basically went until 9 o' clock without any cramps whatsoever. I had energy, wasn't nauseated, so I could eat. After that point, I didn't have any more samples so I just worked out the rest of my period, and I thought, "Oh gosh here we go back to cramps," but actually I didn't get any more.

The third day, I felt really good. Today is my fourth day, and I've had no cramps. Oh yeah, I'd say it worked. It worked better than Motrin. Usually, I have to take Motrin like crazy. And heating pads.  

PF: Would you use these homeopathic patches again?

Nikki: Yes.

PF: Would you recommend them to a friend?

Nikki: Yes, especially if they have bad periods like I do.

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Thanks for the interview review, Ma! Nikki is a beautiful wife, mother of three, and a grandma who enjoys sewing, art, and gardening.

My mom and me. Nikki is on the right. 

You can read more about the wonderful GoPatch menstrual cramps patch here.

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