Friday, September 30, 2011


I wanted to give you guys an update. In my last post, I told you about how a bunch of Christians thought my talking about periods and birth control were disgusting. Well, since then my thread got deleted from the site. I did a little digging as to why, and this is the response I recieved from a moderator of the Christian chat site:

Hi Lyndies,
The Questions for Guys from a Girl thread was reported to us, it was moved and is under review by Admin.
It is a controversial issue to be discussed. You hadn't been notified as yet because I don't think Admin has reviewed it yet.

But until other notification, please don't start another thread
regarding the subject.

snow (Mod/Op)

I kind of giggled at the part where they told me not to post another one. As for the rest--hogwash! Controversial? Some of the other thread topics include: masturbation, sex before marriage, porn, drugs, abortion, etc. Those aren't deleted and I'm certan they all fall under the category of controversia. Hmm.
AND they had a comma splice...*eyeroll*

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