Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not for the Faint: Things that Gross Me Out

For about a week I've had miniature warning cramps. Today my period kind of showed up. You may wonder what I mean by "kind of". I shall expain. For those who are faint at heart or stomach, stop reading. Seriousy, go. This is your last warning.


Now that we got rid of the wusses, I'm really not getting that graphic. I just thought it would be funny to watch them cover their eyes and run the other way. For those of you who stayed, I call you either brave and strong, or kind of gross. Hahah. Just kidding because that would make me gross, too, and I'm totally not. Not ever.

You know just kind of a little bit there not quite full on red blood just kind of brown. That's what I mean. (You know what's really gross? That run-on sentence. Maybe it is good we got rid of the weak ones.)

I was sitting in my room just now, working on making some bracelets, when sudden anger overtook me for something rude someone had done this morning. I had it half in me to walk across the hall and give them a piece of my wrath for it, had happened this morning and was over. Instead I stayed put and seethed silently, promising mysef if said person did said act again, I would let myself go to town on them.

Then, maybe two minutes later, I thought of something that happened a long time ago to someone I love, and I burst into tears. Sadness washed over, replacing the anger and leaving me tired.

I'm not bipolar. This doesn't usually happen to me, so I took notice that something was off. I checked myself before I wrecked myself. (Ugh, gross, I just used bad lyrics.)

Those are mood swings, a nasty sympton of PMS (I say premenstrual syndrome because it's not quite all the way here yet. Ergo, still considered pre. But we've already discussed that. Kind of.)

Ok, super tiny, quick recap:
Things that are not gross: me and periods.
Things that are gross: run-on sentences, bad references, and the sympton of mood swings.

Leave a comment and tell me what grosses you out! Do you have nasty mood swings? Are you sick and tired of run-on sentences. Does Ice Cube make you twitch?

Hive Five for those of you who stuck around.

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  1. The thing that grosses me out the most is is that you used the word ergo. :o love ya babe.