Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why I Love UbyKotex

I am madly in love with the products U by Kotex has to offer. Madly! It was love at first sight when I saw this commercial. It made me laugh because they call it like it is. Those commercials about periods that have dancing girls in twirling (white) skirts are just...so full of it. Kotex's new line and Break the Cycle campaign brought a little bit of fun to periods. I had never before thought of periods as fun. I mean...they're totally not. Ever. But at least we can have fun colors and commercials! The other day I was walking around Wamart, and I saw that they they'd come out with Punk Glam colors--pink and black! I squealed like a kid at Christmas and stared at the box for approximately five minutes. That's how much the colors excite me.You know, if it weren't for the Break the Cycle campaign, this blog wouldn't exist and our Tuesdays would have a sad, little void. I have far too much fun writing this.

There are, of course, cons, and it's only fair of me to share those with you as well. I haven't found a variety pack of tampons in this brand. I used to buy the Tampax Pearl tampons in the variety pack--super, regular, and petit sizes. It was handy for different flow. (Oh, Aunt Flow...) And, honestly, that's my only complaint. The cool factors far outweigh this. (Now I just buy the box of regular and use a pad for extra protection along with the tampon.)

What are your favorite brands? Care to share the pros and cons of those? Comment below!

Post Script: Do you guy's remember Heavan's First? It's the story of my friend's fisrt period--this was a HUGE hit with the readers of Period Fairy. Weeeell, she has her own sweet blog called Classy Girls! Check it out. It's great. I had the great honor of writing as a guest for her blog. If you're still reading this, for the love of Period Fairy, just go! Go have a look. Ok? I'm hoping you've gone by now. Buh-bye.


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