Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secret Hiding Spots

Break the Cycle just posted this on facebook, and I (of course) had to share it here!
And I thought I'd give you a few cover tactics of my own:
  • Up the sleeve
  • In the purse (Everyone does this, and honestly...it's not hiding the fact. Whenever I see a women take her purse to the bathroom, I figure that's why.
  • In my shoes (Said shoes go up to the knee, leaving plenty of room for storage.) 
  • Pocket
But those are all pretty normal, right? I wonder if I can get more creative...
  • In the bra
  • Cut a hole into a book and store it in there (But then people will think you're taking a book to the bathroom to poo. And girls don't poo.)
  • Hidden in a secret compartment in a makeup purse
  • Buy super thick-framed glasses and tape it to the inside
  • Go to a spy shop and buy a fake tube of lipstick. Fill the empty tube with UbyKotex's tiny applicator!
You know what? Why is it such a big deal to hide our pads and tampons anyway? How about we...Carry them! Openly! I wouldn't tell you to do something I, myself, am not willing to do. So. I, Jessie, vow to carry my tampons openly next time Period Fairy visits. And if there aren't pictures, it didn't happen, right? Right. (That means I'll post pictures on here.)
Did I leave out a hiding spot that you have? Leave a comment! Are you taking up the vow as well? Sweet. Leave a comment telling us!

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