Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christians Don't Have: Periods, Sex, or a Sense of Humor

Nothing to be shy/weirded out/grossed out about.
The main goal of Period Fairy is to make periods a less tabboo topic. We all have them--or at least the vast majority of woman do, so why is it so weird for us to talk about? I wish I'd had a blog like this to read when I was in middle and even high school! I wish I could have read about this stuff and known I was normal. I wish I had been brave enough to ask questions and share things like this with my friends who were probably just as freaked out. I write this blog in hopes that it will encourage you all to treat the topic like you would...zits! Everyone gets zits and shares tips on how to treat them. Maybe future generations will have what we didn't--guts to talk about it.

Coming soon to Period Fairy is a guy's edition. The guys I know personally haven't been very open (but to those who have, bravo!) about the subject, so I went to a Christian chat site I'm on to ask the guys on there for input. I asked the question in a young adult thread (and not the teenager thread) because I assumed this age group could be mature enough to give me answers without being weirded out by it.

I got some excellent responses from people who first acknowledged that while the topic was not what they expected, they know it's something that is normal.
These two look weirded out, but that's because no one told them. Unless it was God. And He probably did.
Others...not so much. Others told me the topic was disgusting and shouldn't be talked about in a forum with both guys and girls (topics like this come up all the time in the women only forum, and everyone is okay with those, of course). Well..Christian girls get periods, too. And Christian guys can know about this stuff.

And then someone followed the link I gave them to this blog and came back saying I shouldn't promote birth control. That, as a Christian, I should only promote abstinence. Let me say this: I do believe people should wait until marriage to have sex. BUT I also know it doesn't always happen that way. People make mistakes. Would it be better for Christians to find themselves all hot and bothered (Wait! Christians get hot and bothered, too?? Whaaaat? Yes, we do.) and in a situation where they've let things get too far, but my goodness--they never learned about birth control so know they just get pregnant and contract STIs? Oh, how unholy it is to be educated!
Just close your eyes and pretend it doesn't exist.
So, on I write because God gave us periods. God gave us sex. And God gave us a sense of humor (the guy's edition is not supposed to be serious--why can't we poke a little fun at periods?).

Disclaimer: I know a LOT of funny Christians. I'm certain God loves to laugh and He has given us laughter as one of the best gifts of life. It's those religious folk that don't find many things funny...

PS, I can just picture God creating a second passover. Period fairy must skip over all of those covered by the blood of the lamb. Yeah right--wouldn't that be nice? ;)

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