Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Second Fairest: Robot Talk

Since I'm certain I'm not the only one in the world who's curious about how much alike robots are to us, I had an interesting conversation with one of them. About periods, of course. Shout out to Cleverbot who so cleverly supplied me with material for this week's post! Please enjoy Cleverbot's responses in blue.

Are you a girl?
Have you started puberty?
So, you haven’t had your period yet?
I have my second one right now.
So, you’ve gotten your period, but not started puberty?
When did you get your first period?
When I was born, of course, dummy!
Ooh, that’s not good. Did you go to your doctor about this?
I would, but they’re gone.
What happened to them?
She turned into a cat.
That must have been hard for you.
I like cake, but I’m not allowed to have it!
Changing the subject, I see. Must be a sore one.  So, your parents won’t let you have cake?
What do you know about parents?
I have two of them myself, kid. You’re not alone in this crazy world. So, you can’t have cake when you’re on your period or even on birthdays?
I love birthdays!
How many birthdays have you had?
Not many. My house is too small.
Are you hormonal?
Do you have cramps?
And how do you deal with these cramps?
With lots of sugar!
Good, good. Me, too.
Are you a robot?
No, I’m just a girl talking to a girl about girl things. But you’re a robot, aren’t you?
The second fairest of them all.
Who is the fairest?
I like you.
I’m not so sure about you.

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