Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Second (and Third) Puberty?

My periods have sucked and been irregular since the beginning. They lasted the full seven days and I had warning cramps for up to a week before it's arrival. On the first day, my uterus felt like it might explode if it didn't try to fall out first. All this was sometimes accompanied by puking.

And then I turned twenty years old.

My periods changed suddenly--went from seven days long to only about four! Imagine the niceness of that. Yes...quite nice. (If you can truly give any period that description.) My cramps died down a bit so that I sometimes didn't even need to pig out on chocolate and take 800 miligrams of ibu.

And then came year twenty one.

Everything went back to how it was before with the acception of two completely depised additions: Moodiness and Fatigue. I hate those two dastardly vllains.

Why the change? I call it my second and third puberty, but really...my body's never been able to make up it's mind. My cycle either isn't a cycle at all or has it's own idea of what a cycle should be.

Takeaway note: The period is just as individual is the woman it belongs to.

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