Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Period Panties

Here's a tip for all you lovely ladies: Have a pair (or two or three) of period panties!

Period Panties [peer-ee-uhd pan-tees] noun: underwear  you've had for such a time  you don't care about whether or not they get blood stains on them. i.e. "Oh, these old things? I've had these for years. Yeah, they're stained--I don't really care."

Let's be blunt here. Sometimes periods show up unannounced. (Especially if you're irregular, like me, and your cycle has a cycle.) Other times, you think you're covered, but then you see that your favorite band is playing near you, and you jump around the room in joy, resulting in leakage. Now and then, those pads and tampons downright fail us.

For all those reasons, I designate a pair of my knickers as period panties. I wear these underwear on the first day of my period, since that's when "Aunt Flow" (GOSH, I'd like to know who came up with that name) is at her heaviest. That way I don't get my cutest pair of underwear stained and sad.

So, ladies, there is one of my personal tricks for you. Leave some comments about tricks of your own or email them to me at jessie.pratley.blog@gmail.com! I'd love to hear them.   

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  1. Well, my secret was already written. Although, I call those underwear "granny underwear!" They cover more than your behind, and go all the way to your belly button. hehehe