Monday, July 18, 2011

Guys Aren't Dumb

First off, I dedicate this post to my dear friend, P. Matt because he refuses to read my "girl problem blog". Who even says a period is a problem? (Only me and tons of other girls because it bloody hurts! Get it...bloody?)

Ok, for real. That was just to gross him out a bit in case he sucks it up and reads this.

I didn't have to tell my boyfriend when I was on my period was because he figured it out. Not because I was moody or said anything to the effect of  "It's that time of the month again". Gosh, no.

He just pieced together the pieces. I wouldn't go swimming on certain days around the same time every monh. (Had I not heard of tampons?? I guess not by that point.) Puzzle solved. Guys know what's what--they just don't want to talk about it. Why, I'm not so sure. Maybe because we've made it to sound like some nasty disease that must never be spoken of.

Let's change that, yeah?

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