Friday, August 2, 2013

UbyKotex Period Blues Playlist

Hey there!

I was challenged by UbyKotex to break the cycle by making a Period Blues playlist. What fun. What mad, splendid fun!

First, let's define Period Blues. Here's the urban dictionary definition:

NOTE: Urban Dictionary does not YET have a definition for Period Blues. So, I typed in the synonym, and that is just Period. Because, I mean, if you're on your period, chances are you're blue. (Unless you're a masochist or possibly happy you're not pregnant.)

Here is their definition for Period:

1. A period of pure agony for a female, lasting way too long. Signs of this state include screaming at anything that moves, rolling around on the couch in pain, and spending hours with cold water and stain remover. 

So, what music helps me get through this?
Check out my UbyKotex Period Blues playlist here! Comment below to let me know any or all of the following:

1) How would you define Period Blues?
2) Which song on my playlist is your favorite?
3) Which song do you think I should add?


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