Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blood Falls

Blood Falls in Antarctica. Remind you of anything?

That glacier isn't actually bleeding, of course. If you want to read about what's really going on here, check out this article! It's a pretty cool story. (SPOILER: It's aliens. No really, read it.)

In the next Period Fairy post, I will publicly answer questions I have received about periods and vaginal health! I respect anonymity, so I will NOT name names. Get in any more questions to me via email, Facebook, or Twitter. See the end of this post for contact info.

Note: It's been just over a week since the submission window opened for the Period Fairy Mascot Contest! Remember the submission window closes at 11:55 PM October 31st! If you missed the post about the contest, look here.

 Submit your period and vaginal health or advice questions at:
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