Tuesday, April 14, 2015

25 Empowering #ToTheGirls Tweets

Period Fairy is all about girl power. About not being afraid to talk, ask questions, and learn about our bodies. 

Appreciation for our bodies includes appreciation for women as people. Our whole person--mind, spirit, and body. Which is why I'm excited to share with you an empowering trend happening over on Twitter.

Author Courtney Summers started a trend on Twitter called #ForTheGirls. On her Tumblr post (link), Summers shares, "My newest novel, All the Rage, examines the shame and silence inflicted on a young woman in a culture that refuses to protect them. It's about a girl who is ostracized by her community for speaking up about an assault. The absence of support takes an emotional toll on her." Summers goes on to encourage the world to tell girls they are "seen, heard, and loved."  
 #ForTheGirls is blowing up on Twitter Some of the responses have me all teary-eyed. Here are some of my favorites. (Sorry for the blurriness!) 

What message do you have #ForTheGirls? Comment, share, encourage!

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