Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Period: Day One

Whilst on my period, I made a log of mentionable things that happened to my body and emotions. My plan was to make it for the whole week, but nothing worth mentioning happened after day one.

Day One:
  • Happy observation in the shower! I can feel that it's coming today, AND I do not have a hideous zit on my face to show for it. 
  • The cramps in my tummy and thighs tell me I'd better put a pad on. 
  • Cramps worsen. Medicine: chocolate moose tracks ice cream--big thanks to my boyfriend. 
  • Period starts. I hate pads--it feels yucky down there. My UKotex tampons (new designs and colors!) await me at home.
  • Boyfriend does something totally harmless, and I give him a death glare without realizing it. Checks emotions and takes note that I am, in fact, pissy for no reason. Puts in extra effort to be nicer to everyone around me. (But especially my super nice boyfriend who bought me ice cream.)
  • Cramps become worse, still. Medicine: 800 mg of ibu and unsweetened iced tea.
  • Tampons! The new orange color is ugly, and I miss the yellow and blue colors. The purple can stay, just...please, not the orange. 
  • Wave of fatigue hits. I feel that if I allow myself to crawl into bed, I may never come back out again. 
  • The thought of eating dinner with my family is very sentimental, and I almost cry. Feels very emotional.
  • Might watch My Sister's Keeper because I feel like I need a good cry. 
  • Bloated. I look prego. 
  • Puts in My Sister's Keeper, and then takes it back out because I don't want to cry that much
Something very interesting happened while I slept that night, too. If you want to read about my alternative way of getting rid of cramps, click here.

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